Creativity & Imagnation

Creative Thinking 

Read in the dark and use a flashlight to shine through the cutout shapes on the board pages and look at the shapes on the wall.

Creates a magical atmosphere

(flower, fish, sun, stars, smiley face ) 


Improves planning, critical thinking and fine motor skills

Strengthens creativity, inspires children to think imaginatively, express themselves

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Fits together perfectly  (can be mixed...

Creative fun way to get kids to through those dirty clothes in the laundry basket

Just place over the dirty laundry basket and let them score!!

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You can hold in your hand, move it, put it everywhere  or attach it  to the wall

Comes with dimer  (dim  the light after they fall asleep) or brighten it when reading a bedtime story...

Bright cosmic liquid color that moves with every step, jump, dance, or hop

Stimulates sensory and perceptual development!

Tile is leak-proof with a non-toxic cosmetic liquid inside

Tile is Super durable!


So many possibilities, inspires creative thinking 

Great for creative, independent play , gross motor skills and balance 

Gets kids moving  and playing together 

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