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How to Heal a Broken Wing

In a busy city "No one saw the bird fall. No one looked down...Except Will"

A simple, moving and inspiring story of an everyday act of compassion. How to heal a broken wing tells the story of a boy who saw a bird with a broken wing and with the help of his family nursed her back to health.

kids will relate to the story and parents will love and understand the deeper message to us all. Truly for everyone.

Written by: Bob Graham

Book read aloud by Lori Nunn :

Buy the book:

I bought this book for my kids, funny enough a few days later I was walking in our neighborhood with a friend and we found a young bird, too young to fly yet, being ambushed by a few neighborhood cats. We took it home and the next day to a wildlife rescue center. Yahli, my youngest, got involved immediately and wanted to join me so instead of kindergarten the next day he came with me to the rescue center. The experience combined with the book left a strong impression on him and he asked for this book so many times ever since.

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