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Why Play

is Important

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, cognitive, and emotional strength

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Play allows children to explore the world, gain confidence  and improves children's social skills as well, by helping them to learn how to play fair, share, take turns, work in groups, negotiate and resolve conflicts. Children learn by playing games, through play they test their strengths and potential and examine the world.


Dr. Peter Grey, researching the importance of play from a biological, evolutionary prospective,  explains how the evolutionary function of play is crucial for developing emotional and social capabilities for all mammals, human beings, in particular. Human children who have as it seems the most to learn from play, play the most of all mammals, if given the chance to.

During play animals learn to cooperate with one another, to be close together to one another without losing their temper, to take risks in risky play and overcome fear. Experiments with animals deprived of the opportunity to play when young, grew up to be fearful adults, not recognizing important social cues in fellow animals, responding with aggression and extreme fear to somewhat novel situations or unfamiliar peers. They didn’t adapt or explore new environments.


When I was a kid I loved to play. I think it was my favorite thing on earth. I loved playing monopoly with my uncles and brother. I loved playing different ball games outside with the kids in the neighborhood. I loved having adventures and climbing on stone fences balancing myself not to fall off, feeling extremely brave. I think these are some of my best childhood memories. Pure pleasure.

Games are also a great way to bring family and friends together, to bond and to share a fun experience.


Games are an everyday accordance in our house. We all love games (and this includes not just the kids)!!. Whenever I choose a game there is always careful thought behind it- I want it to teach my kids different skills- cooperation and teamwork, strategy, creativity and social skills among other. I try to find games that improve their life skills and give them tools on their way to being happy, confident, social adults.


I am happy to share all my picks with you.

I hope your children love them just as much as mine do.

Enjoy :)


Creativity &Imagination

Cooperation, Friendship

and Social Abilities




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