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Why It's Important to Be Inspired

Why it is important to be positively inspired by our environment?


Our surroundings have a huge effect on us: being close to nature, the colors, the shapes, the words we see, even the temperature -all have profound effect on how we feel, think and interact with others. Much more then we tend to believe.

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Sometimes you walk into a room and immediately feel calmer and happier, sometimes something feels off for us making us more anxious, less cooperative, less creative. It is important to pay attention. Our surroundings are important, more then we give them credit for and influence us quite a bit.


Even our physical abilities are influenced by our surrounding. Ellen Langer a social psychologist from Harvard University had the eyesight of a group of people checked, they were then dressed up in pilot’s jumpsuits and put in the cockpit and got checked for their eyesight once again. 40% of the people showed significantly better eyesight, the second time round!


Numerous researches have shown the powerful influence of word priming. Priming is when exposure to sounds or visuals unconsciously influences someone’s behavior. For example, students which were exposed to positive words (success, joy, hard work) did much better on intelligence tasks, then students exposed to words related to old age (wrinkles, cane, elderly) and students primed with words such as cooperation share, and trust were willing to be more generous to others and give more to charity. These are just a few examples of how positive words influence our mindset and our abilities.  


Words are powerful! the right words can elevate a child, a classroom or a culture. So how do we create an environment that inspires our children, that fosters collaboration and creativity? How do we positively prime them to be the best version of themselves?


In this section, I have gathered items that elevate my spirit and expand my heart each time I see them, and some “out of the box” creative accessories that inspire me to think differently.

I hope they put a smile on your family’s face and inspire all of you too.







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