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The Dot

The book tells a beautiful story about the heights we can reach when we celebrate the positive, focus on what we can do, no matter how small it may seem to us.

Vashti is sure she can't draw. At the end of the lesson her teacher encourages her to draw something, she defiantly draws a dot. "Now sign it" her teacher says.

The next time Vashti comes to class to her surprise she finds her dot has been framed in a beautiful gold frame hanging for display. "I can do better then that she thinks" and soon enough she starts making all kind of dots until a whole display of dots is being featured in a school art exhibition.

Vashti passes forward the kindness and guidance her teacher has shown her to another boy who also thinks he can't draw.

This could be a special gift of gratitude to a teacher\soccer coach\ therapist that saw the potential in your child when they couldn't see it in themselves and helped them build their confidence. I gave it to Shira's teacher at the end of 3rd grade as a thank you present for helping her believe in herself..

Written by: Peter H. Reynolds

You can listen to the story on:

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