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Willow Finds a Way

Kristabelle is the class's queen and a bully. Everyone has to do what she says or else - they will be crossed off the list for her wonderful birthday party. Mateo who had the courage to stand up for himself - got crossed off the list in front of everyone.

Willow doesn't like how Kristabelle is behaving, but is afraid she will be uninvited too.

Until one moment she summons up her inner strength and to everyone's surprise- crosses herself off the list! With this one act of courage everything changes. Kristabelle loses her power, as everyone else follows and cross their own name off Kristabelle's list.

Now Willow shows compassion towards Kristabelle and in her kind and gentle way teaches Kristabelle about inclusiveness and respecting others.

Written by: Lana Button

Sweetly read loud by: Saara Sherazi :

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