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The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight

Wonderful book, one of our favorites about the power of friendship to change the world!!

It tells the story of two potential enemies, a young dragon (Drum) and a young boy Knight (James) who were raised to be enemies but because James mistook Drum for a weird duck and Drum James for just a simple boy and not a knight, they became friends.

When they finally discover the truth, they already have love in their hearts for each other and so they make the change for all the knights and dragons.

Besides being beautifully written, the kindness that James so naturally shows Drum, who has been injured at the beginning of the story, bonds them.I love the underlining message that change of mindset and peace sometimes begins not with nation leaders but with simple, everyday acts of kindness and friendship between individuals.

Written by: Elli Woollard

Illustrated by: Benji Davies

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