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Ricky, the Rock that Couldn't Roll

Ricky can't roll. One of his sides is flat. So he can"t roll down the hill like all the other rocks and he can't be a part of the fun. He can just watch the fun from the side. But his friends don't laugh at him, they don't leave him,instead they are determined to help him join the fun!

They try all kind of things, are creative and innovative and don't quit, until finally they find a solution and Rickey the rock can roll !

The story ends with this uplifting message "When you're surrounded by love - you always have hope".

Ricky's friends never gave up on him, even when their first attempts didn't work, even when Rickey himself gave up. I like this story because in such a natural way it shows kids a different approach to "the different kid". In many stories the one who is different or has a limitation is socially excluded. Here all the other rocks right from the beginning don't give up on their friend until a solution is found.A great mindset for kids to have. No one likes to feel left out. Having your friends not give up on you is one of the greatest gifts of all.

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