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Create Your Own City Road

Paper based Road Tape and storage boxes (representing school,hospital,fire station and police station)

Inspire creativity by building cities and towns complete with roads.

Develop hand-eye coordination,problem-solving skills,and learn necessary traffic regulations,

Comes with four storage boxes representing a school,hospital,fire station and police station. Put these boxes beside the tape to create a lively and vivid scene.Cultivate creative thinking with role-playing and advanced concepts like urban planning.

Toxin-free and Mess-free! Tested by CPSC accepted third-party laboratories to meet all applicable child safety standards.

Paper-based (washi) road tape (3" wide, 16' long), tears by hand, no scissors or knives required.Fully recyclable,easily removable, and leaves no residue.Safe for your floors,walls, desks,tile, concrete, and furniture.

Buy from Amazon (12.99$):

Anther different great option (more expensive) but extremely durable, water resistant and you can take it anywhere (pool, beach, park) is this flexible race track road set by WayToPlay:

The first link I'm putting in for WayToPlay is to the less expensive version (12 pieces) as seen in the photos (32$)

The second link for WayToPlay is for a more diverse more expensive (40 pieces) version (89$)

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