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Cooperative Helping Game

Very simple matching cooperative game (Best for ages 2-4)

Encourages acts of kindness ( all tokens are about helping someone in need. Understanding their need and how you can help them).

The child\en draw the tokens on their turn from a bag and have to match all the tokens to the board they choose (they are 4 boards to choose from at the beginning of the game . Each board is comprised of 9 squares ). If the chosen token is not helping one of the characters on the squares, you place it on the stop sign instead which has 5 circles). If the stop sign is filled before you have help all the 9 figures you lose and start again (you can chose the same board or switch ).

Very sweet game for younger ages, great for encouraging kindness, speech and reasoning (asking the kid what's wrong? and how can we help each character )

It is a good game to play with new friends or family members that don't know the game because after a while it might get boring for just your kids to play .

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