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Get Well Teddy Bear

COMFORTING: One of the best stuffed animals for hospital presents for kids. The perfect bear for anyone needing a little pick me up, Break a Leg Jr. is sure to be your very best friend and get you feeling better in no time.

GREAT SIZE: At 8.5 inches he is the perfect size to be a recovery bear and to hug and love and is not too big for little hands to hold onto, and is a great get well bear for kids

SAFETY: Super soft fur with soft crutch and cast so there are no hard parts to get in the way

MESSAGE: The cast can be signed as well with a marker so that the little bear can be personalized and add even more cheer

ADJUST: Break a Leg Jr. is fully finished, so the cast can be removed from the right foot and put on the left, Or when the patient is all better, removed altogether so the patient and bear are samesies. Wonderful get well soon present for kids.

By : Gunt

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