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Traveling with the kids?

The holidays are coming and so is vacation time (-:

Let's face it, going on a family vacation with young children isn't really a vacation at all, it's hard work, BUT it is a wonderful opportunity for family bonding, for getting to know each other better and for creating life lasting memories.

On this post, I have gathered game and activity recommendations especially for travel (lightweight, compact, family activity) for ages 6M- 10Y (I will start from youngest age to the oldest) I hope you enjoy them and find them useful:

1. BubaBloon -

Like a ball but with a balloon inside instead.

Safe, durable, compact, many different beautiful designs.

from 6 M to 5 years (different models, they even have one for pets)

2. Roll and Play

Great simple family game for toddlers, older siblings can play with younger ones, not competitive, cards are stored inside the cube

3.The Game of Light book

Just flash your touch and the fun begins - Creates a magical atmosphere

Great before travel bedtime, read in the dark and using a flashlight to shine through the cutout shapes on the board pages and look at the shapes on the wall (flower, fish, sun, stars, smiley face ).

or try one of these:The Game of Shadows or The game of light- make up stories and let your imagination run free.

4. Paint by Sticker- Zoo Animals by Workman

5. Rory's cubes

6.Our Moments - Great bonding questions, versatile and interesting, you can learn allot about your kids and they about you. Great for long car rides, afternoon relaxing bonding time.

Have a great family vacation (-:

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