Family Fun

Space Odyssey: Spaceship , comes with 3 aliens and  4 wearable accessories (two goggles and two sets of armbands)

Accessories fit also adults so encourages joint play and loads of fun!! 

Made from...

A fox stole a pie and you have to work as a team to figure out which fox it was before s/he escapes into the foxhole

Teaches deductive reasoning 

Enjoyable for both kids and adults 

Best f...

All have to pass town and ride the fairy to the island for a picnic before the pigs finish all the food.

The fairy doesn't leave until everyone gets there. When you get a spotting card, everyone  joins...

Promotes creative thinking, connecting events together and storytelling 

Just toss the dice and make up a story!

You can order and play with each set separately  (orange- images, blue- actions...

Fast pace fun games that kids LOVE

Who's the first to spot which is the same picture in both cards?

Best for ages 5 to 10 

If you are playing this game as a family with kids at different ages, I would su...

Fast going, fun, engaging matching game for the family

Using sharp eyes and fast hands, 2 players try to match the shape, count, or color on their cards to either one of two discard piles

Play all the c...

Light and easy to catch without hurting your fingers

Great for the yard, park. beach ...take everywhere 

choose 2 from many different colors 

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Great  as a first game

Best for ages 18 months to 24 months

6 categories: emotions, counting , colors, body parts, actions, animal sounds 

Great simple family game for toddlers, older siblings can play w...

Best recommended science kit 

Nice family activity to  get everyone engaged and curios  

Best for ages 3 - 7 (with adult supervision) 

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Pure fun 

Great family game invented by a girl 

Helps with basic math 

All enjoy it 

Best for ages 4-8 (you might have to help a bit with the math for the young ages) 

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