Cooperation, Friendship & Social Abilities

Fun Makes Friends

Fast pace fun games that kids LOVE

Who's the first to spot which is the same picture in both cards?

Best for ages 5 to 10 

If you are playing this game as a family with kids at different ages, I would su...

These balloons are a great hit at our house  on sunny days. 

Whenever new friends come and are feeling shy, this is a great  icebreaker.  We always take out the water balloons and the fun begins....

Good ice breaker as it's fun to play

Promotes positive interaction between kids (sharing, asking nicely )

Best for ages 2- 5

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This is always a hit in our house with all kids 

We take it out many times when kids are shy or have a hard time coming up with their own games, this is a great fun starter

All ages

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