Cooperation, Friendship & Social Abilities


3 firefighters fight the flames together to save the house.

Simple and engaging

Helps learn counting,  taking turns. 

I suggest changing the rules a bit so each player chooses a firefighter and move...

A great first game 

Collect the fruit and put in the basket before the raven gets them 

Beautiful high quality props

Teaches taking turns, colors 

Best for ages 2-3 


To buy the game:: 

Very simple matching cooperative game (Best for ages 2-4)

Encourages acts of kindness ( all tokens are about helping someone in need. Understanding their need and how you can help them). 

The child\en d...

A great collaborative memory game 

Thieves stole  3 valuables (there are 24 ) and hid them behind the secret door. They will return at mid night to collect their booty.

All work together to find out wha...

A fox stole a pie and you have to work as a team to figure out which fox it was before s/he escapes into the foxhole

Teaches deductive reasoning 

Enjoyable for both kids and adults 

Best f...

All have to pass town and ride the fairy to the island for a picnic before the pigs finish all the food.

The fairy doesn't leave until everyone gets there. When you get a spotting card, everyone  joins...

Defiantly a house hold favorite 

All work together to prevent the snow king from freezing the garden forever .

Great game for girls and boys ( we call it the Snow King and not the Fairy Game so the...

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