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Creative Thinking

Award-winning Wonder house Creative Building Sets empowers kids to be the Architect!

Kids design and build their own custom Main Street (including Ice Cream and Candy shops of course!) then make up end...

Paper based Road Tape and storage boxes (representing school,hospital,fire station and police station)

Inspire creativity by building cities and towns complete with roads.

Develop hand-eye coordination,...

Get creative and build whatever you decide for make believe play.

Also develops problem solving (how to connect ), easy to assemble and take apart 

Note that  you will have to add your own sheets...

Improves planning, critical thinking and fine motor skills

Strengthens creativity, inspires children to think imaginatively, express themselves

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Fits together perfectly  (can be mixed...

Promotes creative thinking, connecting events together and storytelling 

Just toss the dice and make up a story!

You can order and play with each set separately  (orange- images, blue- actions...

 Now on promotion, only 25$

Open end play, promotes creativity and imagination 

Helps with fine motor skills

Building mostly funny looking creatures 

Comes in a continent box for storage

Best for...

Hands on experience to think like an engineer how things work 

Imagine it and build it!  Endless possibilities 

Fun and creative 

Best for ages 4 and up 

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Encourages creativity, fine motor skills, interaction, playful experimentation, relaxation, sensory stimulation

Great for every surface  : Bring the fun to bath time, car trips, windows, school locker...

Promotes hours of creative, imaginative play 

Develops math, science, spatial and tactile skills. STEM approved

Encourages free independent play 

High quality and durable, built to last for years 


So many possibilities, inspires creative thinking 

Great for creative, independent play , gross motor skills and balance 

Gets kids moving  and playing together 

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